This map says Australians have the longest sex in the world while Americans do it most frequently

Congratulations, Australia! It appears that you guys have the best stamina in the world when it comes to sex. According to this infographic, those down under can lust last up to, on average, around 4 minutes. While that’s not exactly what you’d call a marathon, it still is a full 17 seconds to runner up United States, who clocked in at 3:45 but bagged the award for boning the most.

The data was prepared by Spreadsheets, a sex activity app that uses your phone’s accelerometer and microphone to analyse data. More than 13,500 users from 133 countries participated in the survey. Below are the top ten performing countries in terms of frequency and duration of sex.

  1. United States (3:45)
  2. China (2:40)
  3. Canada (3:41)
  4. United Kingdom (2:56)
  5. Russia (3:31)
  6. France (2:53)
  7. Australia (4:02)
  8. Mexico (3:23)
  9. Spain (3:22)
  10. Italy (2:50)

Via Gizmodo

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