by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Friday 18 April 2014

Move over, Sonic, there’s a new hedgehog in town – and his name is Marutaro. The pygmy hedgehog from Japan has become an internet sensation, already having 53, 500 followers on his Twitter account @hedgehogdays, and 28,900 followers on his Vine account.

His owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, posts photos of him donning cute homemade paper masks which show a variety of emotions and expressions. Over on his Tumblr account, photos of the little critter document his everyday life, showing him in different situations alongside the day’s date. For short videos, check out his Vine account, where you’ll see him adorably climbing into paper cups (miserably failing in the process) and taking long walks by the beach.

Via Twisted Sifter