by Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Thursday 17 April 2014

Sure, you can call Sun City a tranquil and pristine place – after all, it looks just like a movie set. But look a little more closely and you’ll see these photographs from Garry Owens are just a little too perfect. He happened upon this community while shooting for Victory Motorcycles in Arizona and went on a mission ‘to find a location that he had seen on a film. Knowing it was near by he set out to see if it looked as cool and was not just a film set’.

And this is what he found! Everything is beautifully manicured, from the lawn to the shrubs and the palms towering above. It almost gives you that Truman Show vibe. But apparently this is just another one of those retirement communities and unfortunately it doesn’t seem as though anything strange is going on here, but eerie, it’s so eerie to look at!

Via Behance