Featured Image for #Cookieshots are trending … we wonder why

#Cookieshots are trending … we wonder why

When we posted this image on our Facebook wall a few weeks ago, y’all went nuts. We wonder why. It all started when French chef Dominique Ansel took everyone’s favorite comfort snack – chocolate chip cookies and cold milk – to the next level. How?

By putting the milk in the cookie, thus creating an irresistible concoction of pastry genius. In order to not allow for the milk to soak through the cookie, a delicious protective layer of chocolate was added.

What inspired Ansel was the classic Oreo cookie. He only recently tried his first(!) and was blown away by the fact that for Americans (and for Italians!) cookies and milk go hand-in-hand.

You can try recreating this soft chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a shot glass, filled with cold, fresh milk by watching this video. He recently presented it at the South by Soutwest festival in Austin, and as expected, festival attendees snapped and shared shots of the dessert, making everyone green with envy.

Milk and cookie shot
Milk and cookie shot
Milk and cookie shot
Milk and cookie shot

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