Wine-o-saurs: wine racks that look like dinosaurs

You might have already sipped on 20- or 30-year old wine, but have you tasted Jurassic-period wine? These dinosaur-shaped wine bottle holders will make conventional wine rack extinct. Hand-made by Pete Betcher of Etsy store ‘TheBackPackShoppe’, the Wine-O-Saurs come in three species that can hold 750ml bottles: Stegosaurus, Parasaur, and Dimetrodon.

Each one will lovingly guard your wine and make your dining set look pretty cool. They also make for a great conversation starter, but then again, wine itself is enough of a conversation starter in my book.

Each Wine-O-Saur costs $40 and is available here.

Via Geekologie

dinosaur wine bottle holders
dinosaur wine bottle holders
dinosaur wine bottle holders

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