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There’s a man living inside this bear 24/7

You thought your apartment is cramped? Try living inside a bear! French artist Abraham Poincheval is spending 13 days inside a hollowed-out carcass of a taxidermy bear for his performance art piece called ‘Dans La Peau de l’Ours’ (translated as ‘Inside the Skin of the Bear’.)

Held at the Hunting and Wildlife Museum in Paris, Poincheval will attempt to mimic the furry mammal’s hibernating environment, limiting himself in terms of nourishment, movement, and space. At the end of the performance, he hopes to come out – somehow in a literal sense – having a better understanding of his own physical limits and of an animal’s nature.

He has everything he needs to survive inside a bear: food, water, pillows, books to pass away the time, and even a place to relieve himself. You can even watch the performance through a live stream of the show here.

Somehow, this reminds me of that time a guy got trapped inside a rhino.

Via Design Boom

abraham poincheval
abraham poincheval
abraham poincheval
abraham poincheval
abraham poincheval

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