Wool 100%: A Japanese fantasy film about Balls of Red Wool

Are you sick of vampires glittering under the sun? Maybe it is time to watch something special. Wool 100% may not be the latest blockbuster that just hit the cinema, but it is a breath of fresh air for jaded eyeballs all the same. Released in 2006, Wool 100% is a Japanese fantasy film with a hidden sense of humour and quirkiness.

The film revolves around two elderly sisters who are obsessed with collecting junk and documenting it in a picture book. Both sisters, Ume and Kame, spend their entire life collecting ‘treasure’ and using it to decorate their house.

One day, they discover balls of red wool, which attracts a mysterious young girl who comes to their house at night. Just like both sisters who have a weird obsession, this young girl is fixated with knitting the perfect red sweater. Her obsession with knitting prompts both elderly sisters to name her, Aminaoshi,which literally means “Knit Again” in Japanese.

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