Featured Image for The self-loathing illustrations of Katie So

The self-loathing illustrations of Katie So

Destined for Misery is a series of illustrations by Vancouver-based artist Katie So, depicting the everyday anxieties facing women. Each comic is ‘meant to be a personal evaluation of one woman’s six-month period of “self-loathing.” A bout of “pathetic,” “poor-me” analysis’.

Some of So’s work includes thought-provoking text, including: ‘I was doing fine until I realized you were doing much more fine than me’, ‘I’m jealous of my former self, though I’m not sure if she’s real’, and ‘Looking back at my old work makes me dread the future’. Surely everything in this series is something we can all relate to, and So has the ability to give extraordinary visuals of each emotive state.

Via The Huffington Post

This illustration from Katie So shows a woman comparing her old work to the work she'll do in the future
This illustration from Katie So shows a woman in the constant fetal position throughout life's mundane tasks
The title of Katie So's collection of small comics is titled Destined for Misery
A somewhat somber image drawn by Katie So to show the anxieties of everyday life

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