by Marta Millere in Cool Travel on Monday 14 April 2014

The world is a truly unique place. Our friends at Distractify have compiled an impressive collection of surreal looking real places on Earth that captures everything from Bolivia’s mysterious Salar De Uyuni salt flat that makes those walking on it look like Jesus, bizarre sentinel trees that completely freeze in Finnish winters, and phytoplankton created sparkly seas in the Maldives.

Did you know that the largest hot spring in the US is the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring and in the spring it paints itself in vivid colors as the result of pigmented microbes that accumulate on its edges?

Fascinatingly enough, one third of the plant life on Socotra Island is found nowhere else on planet Earth. Can you imagine a place with actual plants looking like they could be from another planet? One of those is the dragon blood tree, which resembles an umbrella.

Via Distractify