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Photos of a farmer and his 1,200 pigs will make you want to stop eating bacon

An adorable piglet chilling by the beach, a different piglet sleeping on its farmer’s chest, and another smiling for the camera. These heart-warming photos by Kagawa-based photographer Toshiteru Yamaji will definitely make you want to swear off pork for good. In his series, ‘Pigs and Papa’, Yamaji captures the tender bond between a farmer, Otchan, and his 1,200 pigs.

Yamaji was formerly a city worker in agriculture, forestry, and fishery for 24 years. There he met Otchan, whom he started taking pictures of from 1997-2007. In his collection of photos, Yamaji shows us to us the beautiful and kind alternative to modern-day industrial farming practices. Otchan and his family raise their pigs in a more humane way by doing everything by hand. As proof of his sincere love for the animals, he even goes as far as lying down with the pigs to read the morning paper.

In 2009, Yamaji self-published the photos in a book of the same title and ended up winning the 13th Japan Self-Publishing Award’s graphic prize.

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pigs and papa
pigs and papa

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