Featured Image for This beautiful PETA video will bring tears to your eyes

This beautiful PETA video will bring tears to your eyes

Did you, like I, think that eating eggs is not killing any animals? Think again. PETA has launched a new video, created by viral video guru Djawid Hakimyar, that in just 41 seconds will turn your face from a happy smile to a grim frown.

It starts off with clumsy chicks falling through the air in slow motion as they learn to fly and use their inexperienced wings. As you watch them tumble by, you realize that they are not landing – in some way or another – in a farm on a patch of grass, but they are actually falling directly into a dirty metal container. The screen then reads: ‘Billions of newborn chicks are male. They are killed as a waste product of the egg industry’.

As a PETA blogger states: ‘All this is standard procedure, widely accepted at commercial hatcheries and within the bounds of animal welfare laws. The egg industry considers male chicks to be useless because they don’t lay eggs and can’t be raised profitably for meat. Their sisters are not exactly lucky to remain alive. For anyone who thinks that eating eggs doesn’t kill animals, millions of male chicks each year are born in hatcheries and promptly thrown into the blades of giant garbage disposals.’

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