by Inigo del Castillo in Cool Travel on Friday 11 April 2014

Your dreams of sleeping deep inside the belly of a giant Beagle is now within reach. Located in Cottonwood, Idaho, the Dog Bark Park Inn is a bed and breakfast guesthouse, which if you haven’t noticed by now, is a giant beagle. The owners of this unique guesthouse are Frances Conklin and Dennis Sullivan, who spent eighteen months building the structure. In fact, they were so immersed in the project that they didn’t get to see their kids during construction (who wouldn’t? It’s a giant beagle for Christ’s sake!)

The website says: ‘Sweet Willy, officially known as Dog Bark Park Inn, is one of America’s latest additions to the type of roadside architecture popular in the early days of automobile vacation travel when travelers would often buy gas, eat meals or stay overnight in a building that looked like something else’. Alongside this unique building is another a 12-foot Beagle statue called Toby.

Travelers looking to spend the night inside a dog with doggy-themed interiors can book through Dog Bark Park Inn’s website.

Via Weezbo