Don’t worry, those Harvard library books aren’t bound in human flesh after all

Harvard University just discovered that their infamous human flesh books aren’t bound from flayed human skin after all. But it’s still bound in skin, but rather sheepskin. Yes, it’s a let down, especially since we’ve believed in those human flesh books since 2006 when the discovery was published in The Harvard Crimson.

Apparently though, the practice of using human flesh to bind books ‘was pretty popular’ in the 17th century for anatomical textbooks. ‘Medical professionals would often use the flesh of cadavers they’d dissected during their research’. Uh, nice.

Via The Guardian

Look closely and you'll see this book is bound in human flesh
A curator shows one of the books at Harvard that has been proven to be bound in human flesh
This book in Harvard has been bound in human flesh from the 17th century

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