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Reflections: a challenging portrait series of the elderly seeing their youth

Photographer Tom Hussey had a conversation with an 80-year-old World War II veteran. The man commented to him that he couldn’t believe how quickly time had passed. He didn’t feel it was possible that he could be 80 years of age. That’s when Hussey had a lightbulb moment.

Hussey worked to channel the idea of a separation between a willing mind and a body that father-time doesn’t forget. Hussey set up convincing dopplegangers, with a separation of 40-50 years, between ex-firemen, teachers, nurses and former scientists, to confront their younger selves.

Their young realistic selves wear their retro uniforms, with impeccable hair, rosy cheeks and the energy of youth, with the results being a stunning look at how our bodies change while our minds stay young.

Hussey’s Reflections won a Gold Addy Award from the American Advertising Federation.


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