by Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Wednesday 9 April 2014

You can bet you’ve never visited any place like the Peculiarium. This store-meets-museum sees visitors come from all over the world, eager to check out the weirder side of Portland, Oregon. Inside, you’re treated to a 10-foot-tall Bigfoot replica (which is the tallest he’s been reported to be), an interactive alien autopsy, a haunted Victorian dollhouse, and an elaborate walk-through zombie brain (where you can see video from a zombie’s perspective as it goes searching for food).

The Peculiarium is run by Lisa Freeman (she’s a trained specialty baker) and Mike Wellins (who has a background in filmmaking), who both have a ‘love of sci-fi, campy horror, practical jokes, and laughing. Laughing a lot’. Oh yeah, and they even serve bug larve sundaes – how can you resist?!