by Rachel Oakley in New Film on Wednesday 9 April 2014

Kickstarter has some great projects you can back, but this one is probably the most exciting of them all. It’s a film called Drop Bears – Attack! of the Killer Koalas and it looks incredible (like Sharknado looked incredible).

Here’s the synopsis: ‘A group of young backpackers go camping in the wild Australian outback. However, our hapless travellers have inadvertently wandered into the habitat of the DROP BEAR – a rare and ferocious cousin to the well-known cuddly koala. Now they must fight or become the creatures’ next meal. But can they all survive the night?’

The production team is aiming to raise $90,000 by May, and they even have a concept poster, plus tons of merchandise you can grab if you make a pledge.

Via BuzzFeed