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Claustrophobic? Don’t ride Tokyo’s subway during rush hour

‘Tokyo Compression’ is a series by photographer Michael Wolf, in which he documents the daily grind of commuters in the packed subways of the busy metropolis. The series, which has already been published into three books, show the stressed out and tired faces of commuters through the subway windows during peak hours of the rush hour.

Some have goofy expressions, while most show fatigue and discomfort (and pretty much every ‘I hate my life’ face you can think of.) Sometimes the train gets too crowded that people have their faces squished against the windows, creating a silly but sad portrait of a face in the crowd.

Of course, this type of wearying commute isn’t exclusive to the subways of Tokyo. This scene is pretty common in most countries, especially in developing economies with rapidly growing cities (that includes you, Metro Manila MRT.)

Via Gizmodo

tokyo compression1
tokyo compression
tokyo compression
tokyo compression
tokyo compression
tokyo compression
tokyo compression

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