Featured Image for This unbelievably cute baby dolphin is guaranteed to get you through a bad day

This unbelievably cute baby dolphin is guaranteed to get you through a bad day

Know what’s cuter than dolphins? Baby dolphins. After seeing this picture of a baby dolphin floating around on Twitter, we found out the back story to it: apparently, the little ten-day-old calf was found beached near Montevido City, Uruguay, a couple of years ago with its umbilical cord still attached.

It apparently had injuries from a fishing net. Good thing it was rescued and transported to a marine fauna reserve, where it was subsequently bottle-fed and nursed back to health. If the natural survival rate for dolphins within their first year of life in the wild is 20 per cent (the death toll of captive born dolphins is significantly higher), and this lucky dolphin survived, you know you can survive any bad day you’re having right now.

Baby dolphin
Baby dolphin
Baby dolphin

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