by Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Friday 4 April 2014

Charles Ommanney didn’t want to create a ‘predictable NRA-bashing’ photo collection when he set out to photograph Americans and their guns. Instead, he adopted a ‘more engaged manner’ where he found out why people owned guns in their homes. His project took him to six states in the Southern and Western U.S., ‘where he met people who owned guns for protection, as preparation for when things go “horribly wrong” of simply because they like the beauty of weaponry’.

From a father toting a 9mm just inches from his baby strapped into a Baby Bjorn to an elderly woman equipped with an M16 assault rifle, this series captures all the different faces of American gun ownership and attempts to make it look quite normal. Though I’ll never get over that photo of the father, his baby and that 9mm – yikes.

Via Slate