Featured Image for Come sit on a chair that looks like an obese person’s skin

Come sit on a chair that looks like an obese person’s skin

Skinny is out, voluptuous is in. Besides, voluptuous looks more comfy to sit on. The ‘Flesh Chair’, inspired by the flappy and chunky folds of an obese person’s skin, was made by Nanna Kiil, a design student at the Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She made the chair not to offend obese people, but to actually put some positive light on their overweight bodies. Kiil says, ‘the intention is to explore the balance between the repulsive and the accommodating through voluminous curves’.

Using memory foam covered in pink fabric to create the chair, she referenced the folds of a Shar Pei’s skin to get that realistic flabby look. And who wouldn’t want to lie down on a Shar Pei’s soft and plush skin, right? Absolute genius!

Via Fast Co. Design

flesh chair

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