by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Thursday 3 April 2014

Here’s a series that’s basically the very artistic version of the ‘Sixth Sense’. In a Tumblr account called ‘Ghost Photographs’, artist Angela Deane covers the people in found photos in white paint, turning them into ghosts interacting with other ghosts or humans.

This is her attempt to explore the ‘beautiful, painful, and ultimately puzzling human condition of having memories’. By covering the personalities in the photos in paint, their identities become anonymous ghosts to the viewers. She expounds, ‘In this way, a private and specific experience becomes an open and shared one through the material addition of paint on photograph. Through this haunting of the material, the ghosts become us and we become the ghosts’.

The photos are a bit chilling, seeing ghosts doing normal, everyday stuff. But it’s more chilling once you realize that we could someday become the ghosts, who once did daily things but eventually became just memories in a random photo.