by Inigo del Castillo in Tech on Wednesday 2 April 2014

Do you ever get the feeling someone’s watching you? These birds probably do. ‘Piipshow’ is a three month long live broadcast of a bird feeder in Norway that looks like a trendy coffee shop. Instead of macchiato and cappuccinos, this café serves up nuts and seeds. Different customers come in during the day, most of them avian, including a Nuthatch, a Blue Tit (not THAT kind of tit), a great tit (not THAT too), and a Bullfinch. Sometimes the occasional squirrel thieves drop in too.

The live stream project was the idea of photographer Magne Klann, in collaboration with Norwegian broadcaster NRK and model maker Lars Aurtrade. You can watch the Piipshow here.

Via Laughing Squid