by Marta Millere in New Products on Wednesday 2 April 2014

Cycling in the city can be a dangerous business, regardless of the experience level of the rider. San Francisco’s Mission Bikes, in conjunction with Halo Coatings, have developed Lumen, the first commercially available retro-reflective bike.

Up until now, if you wanted a reflective bicycle, you had two options: reflective tape or stickers. But as one of the designers puts it: these were just 2D solutions for a 3D problem, because reflective stickers are only good on flat surfaces, like stop signs and not on the curvy frame of your bike.

The Lumen is especially convenient for nightly riding: it offers greater safety at night through a coating that lights up in car headlights. In day time it looks a bit iridescent, suck it up boys, a little bit of glitter won’t harm you, but in nighttime, it lights up, like a cat’s eye – sending any light that hits it back in the direction of its source.

Lumen is not the first bike to work with Halo Coatings – Josh Zisson’s non-commercial Safest Bike on the Road also experimented with retro-reflective paint. But Lumen is the first to be made available to consumers.