Featured Image for Photos of Japan’s middle-aged female abalone divers

Photos of Japan’s middle-aged female abalone divers

Photographer Nina Poppe has opened our eyes in a big way. Thanks to her fascination with female niche communities, she’s been able to follow a group of Japanese abalone divers in the spring and late summer to catch some pretty extraordinary pictures.

Many of the women in this team of divers are middle-aged or older (one is 85!) and the tradition of the Ama (the abalone diving group) dates back 2,000 years.

Today, these women dive up to 30 metres deep without any equipment and can stay underwater for two-minute intervals.

Via Slate

The abalone diving boat where the women dive from
A middle-aged woman prepares to dive into the sea to catch abalone
Flip flops are left out on the dock to dry off
This is what they catch. an abalone (awabi) a japanese delicacy
Underwear gets aired out on the abalone diving boat

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