Featured Image for Illustrations of Girls Gone Bad by Wishcandy

Illustrations of Girls Gone Bad by Wishcandy

Sashiko Yuen, aka Wishcandy, creates art that is as sweet as it is fierce. In candy-coated colours, her illustrations are yummy sugary portraits of girls gone bad. Tough in look and subject matter, she sweetens the canvas with her use of poppy pastels and innocent neutrals. Although I would to have her works hanging in my studio, I would not want to be in stuck in a dark alley with any of her subjects.

Wishcandy illustration
Wishcandy illustration-526469-4847720-Prankster_wishcandy
Wishcandy illustration
Wishcandy illustration
Wishcandy illustration

About the author

Pamela Thompson is a fashion designer and owner of www.tinyfrockshop.com. She gets giddy when organizing her extensive dolly hoard and has a deep love for all things sparkly.

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