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There’s such a thing as a beekeeping dog, and it is adorable!

In Australia, adorkable beekeeping Labrador, ‘Bazz’, helps out beekeeper Josh Kennett in detecting ‘American foulbrood’, a serious disease that spreads among bee colonies. Usually, the Paenibacillus larvae caused by the infection can only be detected under the lens of a microscope. But it turns out that Bazz’s powerful nose is a better alternative.

Kennett built the astronaut-like protective suit for two things: 1) to help Bazz get close enough to the hive without getting stung. And 2) to make people go ‘awww’.

Currently, there are no cures for the American foulbrood disease, that’s why Bazz’s job is so important in detecting and keeping infected colonies quarantined. Keep up the good work, Buzz… I mean Bazz!

Via Tree Hugger

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