by Inigo del Castillo in New Design on Saturday 29 March 2014

‘Screw :)’ is the product of a collaborative effort between Japanese designer Yuma Kano and Komuro Seisakusho, a screw factory in East Osaka, Japan. The unique screw features a smiley face meant to surprise and delight anyone who happens to randomly glance at the seldom-noticed object. This is Kano’s way of infusing emotion and new perspective into the things that we have taken for granted.

‘The screw is more than just an ordinary screw; it is a product that can bring joy. To move people’s emotion is another important function of the simple screw’, says Kano.

The design, however, isn’t meant to be functionally better than traditional screws. Inserting the screwdriver would be a burdensome task since it can only fit in a specific angle. Transferring force could also prove to be quite the task. A screw with a design such as this would be best for small projects and areas like a child’s bedroom where the smiley face would have the greatest impact – just remember not to screw it on upside down!

Via Lustik