by Inigo del Castillo in New Events on Thursday 27 March 2014

Gone are the days of detention and dunce caps. One clever educator in a Belgian high school has found the ultimate weapon against misbehaving students: Game of Thrones spoilers. An unnamed math teacher asked his students who among them were avid fans of the program, eliciting the majority to raise their hands, to which he responded: ‘Well, I’ve read all the books. If there is too much noise, I will write the names of the dead on the board’.

He continued his threat, ‘They [the dead] are enough to fill the whole year and I can even describe how they die’. Of course, the kids took this as an empty threat, until the teacher started writing character names on the board. Realizing their teacher was as cruel as George R.R. Martin himself, they quickly shut their traps and worked in complete silence.

Who knew a show about sex, death, and dragons could play a pivotal role in today’s education?

Via The Mary Sue