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Sandwiches that get delivered via parachute

What does a pair of entrepreneurs do when their pop-up restaurant is located on the 7th floor and they have to deliver food quickly to their customers, who are all on the ground level? Simple, just throw the food out the window. [photos via We Heart]

In Melbourne, entrepreneurs David McDonald and Adam Grant came up with the idea for ‘Jafflechutes’, a pop-up restaurant that parachutes Jaffles (Australia’s version of toasted sandwiches) down to waiting customers. To order a Jaffle, customers order via PayPal and wait for their food at the drop-off location, marked with an ‘X’. The food is then parachuted down, while customers look on in awe and have fun catching it.

It’s a very clever way of solving logistical issues and an even more efficient way of cost-saving. Because from the looks of it, gravity is an even better waiter than most people I know. They’ve just kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to get the whole team over to New York, Montreal and beyond. If you want Jafflechutes in your town (specifically, New Yorkers and Montrealais), you can support them here.

If you’re in the area, you can order through their website. So far, they only have two items on the menu: the ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ (cheese and tomato) and ‘Gust of Wind’ (cheese and ham), which cost $5 and $6, respectively.

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