by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Wednesday 26 March 2014

What do you do when death is peeking its head down your car’s sunroof and is staring straight into your soul? Take photos, naturally! Australian photographer Bobby-Jo Clow was on a safari in the Serengeti when her tour group came across a cheetah and her two juvenile offspring. To Clow’s surprise, the two juveniles made their way towards the Land Rover, with one eventually hopping onto the hood.

She recalls the exciting moment to Africa Geographic:

‘I had my 70-200mm lens on at the time so I quickly changed to my 10-22mm wide angle lens. As I positioned and focused the lens on to the car bonnet the cheetah popped up! I hit the shutter like a mad woman. I was so unbelievably excited that my hands were shaking. The cheetah then ducked down and peered through the windscreen, like it was trying to see who else was in the car. Then the cheetah jumped again, this time on to the roof’.

With the cheetah peering through their sun roof, Clow kept snapping photos – even managing to get a hiss from the cat when she went in for an unwanted close up. The cheetah stayed on the roof for another five minutes, smelling Clow’s hair and generally just chilling, before momma cheetah said it’s time to go home.

When asked about how the experience was, she tells Daily Mail, ‘It was wildlife heaven. It was so overwhelming. I was actually crying through my viewfinder at times. I wasn’t scared, I was in total awe of how majestic and glorious this young cheetah was’.

Via Twisted Sifter