by Inigo del Castillo in New Products on Wednesday 26 March 2014

Octopoda, assemble! Etsy seller and cosplayer Darcy created these cuddly tentacled versions of Earth’s mightiest heroes. The collection of plushies comes with witty (and some not so witty) octopus-inspired names like Tony Starktopus, Thorctopus, Loktopus, and Captain America. Each huggable creature very much resembles the superhero they aspire to be, for instance, Loktopus bearing the iconic horned helmet and Thorctopus with the red cape.

Darcy sells the toys in her Etsy shop, ‘Octopodes Garden’, though as of writing, she has put manufacturing on hold to satisfy the hordes of customers who have placed orders in the past. Or she could be using that as an excuse, and could actually be working on Hawktopus, Natalia Romanoctopus, and The Hulktopus.

Via Neatorama