Featured Image for This bike helmet will give you a cornrow haircut

This bike helmet will give you a cornrow haircut

Don’t forget your cornrows before heading out for a bike ride, it might just save your life! Berlin-based design team ‘Bless’ gives the traditional bike headgear a bit of swag with the ‘Bless Helmdo’, a helmet inspired by the trendy and timeless cornrows hair style. Gone are the days when you have to wait hours to get it braided; simply put on the helmet and you’ll be the next bad boy of the biking lane.

Their website says it’s ‘composed of a fluffy lightweight nylon head with braiding detail throughout. Features black straps and a plastic strip for adjustment’. This haircut will cost you though, as it comes with a hefty $1,069 price tag. If you’re still into the ‘Helmdo’ – despite the price tag and weird looks you’ll get in public – it is available online at ‘Creatures of Comfort’.

Via Fast Co. Design


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