by Patrick Effeney in Cool Travel on Tuesday 25 March 2014

These hipster pets seem to be getting weirder and weirder! It used to be that a gerbil in a cage or a trio of fish in a bowl was enough for most. But Sydney’s Newtown, long renowned as the city’s hipster central, home to the weird, wonderful, and downright wacky, has just raised the bar.

Two water buffalo, a species introduced to Australia in the 19th century but generally confined to rural areas, were snapped by onlookers trotting jauntily down a very busy King Street on Tuesday morning. The happy couple were apparently escapees from a nearby film set, and anecdotes have spread about a Jeep containing the film crew hurtling down the busy road chasing the animals.

Given the publicity, the company involved might not need to shell out too much more on PR given the free publicity their renegade bovines have created. So what questions does this bizarre event in human history answer? None, really. Except maybe that even rogue water buffaloes aren’t that strange in Sydney’s hippest square:

‘It was kind of bizarre but it was Newtown so I didn’t think it was that unusual’, testified Rachel Murdolo, a student at nearby Sydney University.

Amen. I guess.

Update: The Internet delivers – @NewtownBuffalo