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A 5 meter high version of Lionel Richie’s head made big bucks last summer

One of Kickstarter’s most bizarre projects of 2013 – Lionel Richie’s head – made double the money that it pledged for in the beginning of the fundraising project. It all sounded like a hoax but the protagonists behind it, creators and owners of Hungry Castle, Killian Cooper and Dave Glass, swore it was true.

And so with the help of artist Alexandra Sans Massó, they made their dream come true. A 5 meter high head of Lionel Richie in the shape of an interactive sculpture was displayed at the 2013 Bestival, a multi-award winning four day music festival set at Robin Hill near Newport in the heart of the Isle of Wight (UK).

Why, you may ask? Just because. And it’s a good thing they did because this sculpture, which is actually an inflatable balloon, brought them international fame and is still the piece they’re best known for. Inspired by their success, the Hungry Castle duo invited art-lovers to a Lionel Richie Ceramics workshop that took place on the sidelines of the ADC Festival, where everyone could take a stab at sculpting their own head.

Via Kickstarter

Lionel Richie for Bestival 2013
Lionel Richie for Bestival 2013
Lionel Richie for Bestival 2013

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