Featured Image for A Kickstarter project that ages Sriracha in whiskey barrels for 3 months

A Kickstarter project that ages Sriracha in whiskey barrels for 3 months

If normal Sriracha sauce isn’t enough for you, here’s a version with an extra kick: Sriracha that’s been aged for 3 months in a whiskey barrel. Lisa Murphy, the Chief Sauce Maker of ‘Sosu Sauces’, has started a Kickstarter project that’s bound to set taste buds ablaze with their unique blend of Sriracha sauce.

Using locally sourced ingredients like chili pepper, brown garlic, and salt, they age the sauce for one to three months for a fruity, spicy, and smoky flavour.

Also, the natural fermentation creates a stronger and more balance taste than regular Sriracha.

For a $25 pledge, you can get yourself a bottle of this interesting culinary creation. As of writing, the project has already doubled its funding goal with $40,219 from 831 backers. And with 31 days to go, it looks like barrel-aged Sriracha is going to be the next foodie craze.

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