Featured Image for New York bankers pay up to $25 for a 3-egg omelet at this Park Avenue hotel

New York bankers pay up to $25 for a 3-egg omelet at this Park Avenue hotel

The Loews Regency in New York is famous for its ‘Power Breakfast’, which sees some of the city’s biggest names in business, finance and politics dining there every morning. Business Insider writers Julia La Roche and Linette Lopez dined there to see what all the fuss was about. And while many things have changed with the hotel’s dining room over the year, one thing hasn’t changed: the astronomical prices.

Here, a 3-egg omelet will set you back $25, cold cereal will cost you $23, a pot of coffee (with refills, thank goodness) goes for $7.50, and two slices of humble toast? Six freakin’ dollars. I thought businessmen were meant to make smart decisions!

Via Business Insider

Everyone starts arriving for breakfast at 7:45am
A cup of refillable coffee will set you back $7.50
This menu sees a frittata priced over $20
A 3-egg omelet is priced at $25 at the Loews Regency
Two slices of toast will set you back $6 at the Loews Regency

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