Featured Image for Back 2 Basics: the new album from Ben Askins’ Genlevel

Back 2 Basics: the new album from Ben Askins’ Genlevel

After just two minutes of listening to Genlevel’s new album Back 2 Basics, you’re transported back to the carefree spirit of summer and (thankfully) the rest of the album leaves you there, happily ensconced in its electric warmth. Back in 2011, Ben Askins’ was a Bandcamp superstar, his Genlevel one-man-show banging its way to the top of the charts for downloads.

Before that, Askins was an active member of Australia’s legendary Clan Analogue collective and a founding member of Infusion, Australian techno pioneers who got considerable international acclaim.

His new album – Back 2 Basics – is finally here. The write-up on Bandcamp describes it well: ‘Built on Askins’ usual electronic foundations, the sound has diversified to include more explicit nods to classic acid, house, and even kraut influences, creating a more individual sound out of the blend of these source materials with his well documented understanding of the techno template.’

Yup. We’re just sold on the grooves. It’s kinda hard to resist the minimal acid of his new tracks which sound especially sweet on the medium techno was made for: pure, 160gm vinyl.

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