by Rachel Oakley in New Design on Saturday 22 March 2014

Carl Moore was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease 20 years ago. For most people, ‘it means their nervous system is going to deteriorate until their body is completely immobile. That also means they’ll lose their ability to speak’. In Carl Moore’s case, he decided to turn lemons into lemonade by working with his speech pathologist to record his own voice to use later.

Instead of sounding like a soulless robot, Moore recorded hundreds of messages and uploaded them to the speech device ‘he’ll someday rely on’. But as if he recorded just the usual phrases! This man decided to record as many everyday phrases as possible, including ‘You know what? Your driving sucks’, ‘Hey, my butt itches. Would you give it a bitch of a scratch?’ and ‘Please step away from the wheelchair’.