Featured Image for There’s a virtual Uniqlo Line stretching across NYC

There’s a virtual Uniqlo Line stretching across NYC

There’s a happening about to go down in New York – the opening of a special new ‘fashion meets art’ Uniqlo store – and you don’t even have to physically line up to be a part it. Though there is a line already forming for it – a virtual line. Yup, on March 28 our friends at Uniqlo are unveiling #SPRZNY with us and they’ve letting you in on the secret by simply using your Facebook or Twitter account to join the virtual line, which – at just under 18,000 members – is already stretching well around the, erm, virtual block.

This virtual line weaves throughout New York City, and if you join it, you’ll be in the draw to win prizes from Starbucks and MoMA, as well as Uniqlo. Coffee, art, and new threads: what more could you want? And of course, being a 5th Avenue location, you’ll want to dress for the occasion, so when you join the virtual line, you also get to pick your avatar’s Uniqlo wardrobe. We’re in. See you there.

Join the Uniqlo Lucky Line here.

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