by Marta Millere in New Illustration on Friday 21 March 2014

Adorably talented Geneviève FT specializes in drawing cheerful pin ups, burlesque dancers and other curvy cartoon goddesses. Her little ladies are incredibly confident and sensual, without appearing too sexy.

Geneviève freelances in multiple fields: animation, games, magazine illustration and comics. She studied animation for six years, creating and producing no less than seven short films. During those years, she discovered a passion for concept art and illustration. She has worked in the animation and the game industry for more than four years now. Her favorite tools are col-erase and color pencils, gouache and watercolors.

In an interview for AnimationInsider, Geneviève talked about her projects that she’s particularly proud of: ‘For the past four years, I’ve been creating a pin up calendar, and every year I’m very proud to show the result and see how much I’ve improved during the year! I try to make a different theme every year, like zodiac signs, animals and this year was women around the world.’

Oh, and she has a pet bunny.