Featured Image for Solitariness: a haunting, evocative photo series by Miro Simko

Solitariness: a haunting, evocative photo series by Miro Simko

A quietly powerful series of photographs, Solitariness suggests that the vehicle or person in the frame is the only thing left in the world. They are a vaguely unsettling blend of peaceful and morbid. As if these images weren’t impressive enough, they are made all the more so by the fact that Simko is completely self-taught.

It screams of a natural eye for photography and subject matter, when an artist can produce a series such as Solitariness without any training.

In her own words, Simko always works in black and white because: ‘Black and white photography is all about textures, lines, shapes, shades of gray and the contrast between light and darkness. Colour images often hide these aspects under the layer’ of colour’.

Miro Simko photography
Miro Simko photography
Miro Simko photography

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