by Milo Sumner in New Photography on Tuesday 18 March 2014

Only days after the Buzzfeed article entitled I, Too, Am Harvard was shared on the Oxford race forum Skin Deep, students from the prestigious and renowned English University rallied behind their own version: I, Too, Am Oxford. The photo-based project highlights the day-to-day disaffection that students of colour are made to feel.

The startlingly honest nature of the images, in which the students hold boards inscribed with the things people say to them every day, forces the viewer to see that, despite there being more students of colour at Oxford than ever before, the University still plays host to an undercurrent of institutional discrimination.

The most poignant part of it is that the words written on the boards were thought completely acceptable by the students who spoke them. But taken from the viewpoint of the person who it was spoken to, each sentence is revealed as offensive and also ridiculously ignorant.

The full collection can be seen here.