by Marta Millere in New Fashion on Tuesday 18 March 2014

Known for their wearable art and watches that don’t necessarily serve their purpose, Tokyoflash Japan have done it again by creating a watch that seems like something a futuristic caveman could wear. With beautifully combined real wood and metal parts, the Kisai Space Digits Wood is light and comfortable to wear and you can rest assured that your model is truly one of a kind.

The watch comes in two models: red and black sandalwood with green LCD or maple and red sandalwood with gold LCD. The watch display has a retro arcade game feel to it – it looks like you’re flying down a 3D tunnel, and the watch animates every so often to show this. The time is shown in normal digits, on the left and right walls of the ‘tunnel’ and the date can be read from top to bottom.

It might seem a bit complicated at first, but, as Tokyoflash Japan say on their website: ‘why wear boring things when you can wear art!?’

Via Tokyoflash Japan