Featured Image for Stunning photos taken underneath, Vatnajökull, Iceland’s biggest glacier

Stunning photos taken underneath, Vatnajökull, Iceland’s biggest glacier

Earlier this year, London-based fashion photographer Kate Friend took some time out from couture to try something completely different. Seizing upon a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she travelled beneath Vatnajökull, the largest glacial mass in Europe.

Situated in the harsh and primordial landscape of Iceland and only accessible during mid-winter when the ice is completely frozen, the caves beneath the glacier are 1000m below the surface at their deepest point. Although it’s hard to believe, the images have not been doctored and these undulating cathedral-esque spaces really do exist.

Sadly, Friend did not travel there purely to capture all those ethereal shades of blue. It was also a journey prompted by concern: the glacier is estimated to be melting currently at a rate of over a metre per year and, according to the latest Icelandic survey on climate change, will not exist by the time the next century comes around.

Glacier photography
Glacier photography
Glacier photography
Glacier photography

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