Featured Image for What’s your Travolta name? Teejay Allorn is Tony Abbot’s!

What’s your Travolta name? Teejay Allorn is Tony Abbot’s!

Were you watching the Academy Awards a couple of weeks ago? John Travolta had the pleasure of introducing Idina Menzel onto the stage to perform the hit, Let It Go. But instead of pronouncing Idina’s name the correct way, the “Travoltified” it to “Adele Dazeem”.

If you’ve got a particularly exotic name, you’ll know how frustrating it is to watch people pronounce your name. But now Slate have come up with a funny program that can “Travoltify” your name, meaning, it just muddles it up and gives you a really weird translation. Try it and see what you’d be named at the Oscars!

Via Slate

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