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Whales make tea infusers so much cuter

Whale, whale, whale, look what we have here, a marine mammal in my cup of tea. South Korean design studio ‘Gongdreen’ created the adorable ‘Dreaming Whale’ to give tea drinkers a whale of a time. Adding the tea leaves is simple, you just have to open the whale’s mouth and shove it all in, because it’s common knowledge that whales love eating chamomile and oolong more than plankton. The miniature whales are made of food grade silicone and come in grey, sky blue, and pink – though I wish they made a white one for a cool Moby Dick reference. They also come with a detachable water spout that doubles as a stirrer.

To get a ‘Dreaming Whale’ for your cup of tea, you can buy some here for $12.

Via Design Taxi

dreaming whale
dreaming whale
dreaming whale
dreaming whale

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