Injured animals keep moving with state-of-the-art prosthetics

Isn’t technology great? These animals have been given a second chance at a normal life, thanks to extraordinary prosthetic technology. From an elephant that was maimed by a landmine to Hoppa, a four-year-old dog born without front legs, these prosthetics are working wonders all over the world.

My favourite story has to be Tzvika’s. This female turtle was run over by a lawnmower and suffered “severe damage to her shell, and a spinal injury that affected her ability to use her rear limbs”. Two months after the accident, Tzvika has a set of wheels attached which enables her to walk again. Try not to melt going through these animal stories!

Via Reddit

Prosthetics fitted onto a cat
Prosthetics fitted onto a dog
Front leg prosthetics fitted onto a dog
A closeup of a dog's prosthetic leg
Prosthetics fitted onto a dog
Prosthetics fitted onto a dog
Prosthetics fitted onto an elephant

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