by Inigo del Castillo in New Illustration on Thursday 13 March 2014

A Skeletor-managed breakfast and cereal bar? Getting served dragon wings by a legit witch? Bacon served by a manly lumber jack? Now these are food stands I’d love to keep coming back to! Portraits of America’s Food Stands is a set of illustrations by California-based artist Christopher Lee, wherein he imagines food stands with extreme and wacky concepts. Inspired by pop culture elements, the food establishments go all out to follow their respective themes, from the menu names, to the booth design, to the staff themselves. The series is composed of nine illustrations, which include ‘Saturday Rocks Breakfast and Cereal Bar’, ‘Jasper’s Jurassic BBQ’, ‘The Kraken Seafood Shack’, and ‘Madam Bunion’s Restaurant, Gifts, and Souvenirs’, to name a few.

Via What An Art