Featured Image for A butt lamp that turns on and off by spanking or pinching it

A butt lamp that turns on and off by spanking or pinching it

The ‘Slap It’ lamp is a cheeky device that is shaped like a human butt. If that wasn’t amusing enough, it can be turned on (pun intended) and off by squeezing it or spanking it. The lamp was created by London-based artist Joseph Begley, who says it ‘simultaneously combines the stress relieving satisfaction of slapping a bottom, with the practical application of providing light.

The butt lamp has pressure sensors attached to it, making it sensitive to any slap, touch, pinch, fondle, and/or kinky bite. It comes in eight radiant colours, namely: red, blue, cool white, cyan, green, purple, magenta, yellow, and orange. While it may put a smile on your face, it may also put a dent on your wallet, as this limited edition item costs £700.

Via Design Taxi

slap it
slap it

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