Featured Image for Banksy reworks his famous girl with heart balloon to mark third anniversary of Syria conflict

Banksy reworks his famous girl with heart balloon to mark third anniversary of Syria conflict

Graffiti legend Banksy joins us as we mourn the third anniversary of the Syria conflict by speaking up and reworking his famous ‘Girl with a Balloon’ stencil masterpiece. In the recreated piece, he depicts a young girl, just like the one before, but this time it’s a young Syrian refugee who has probably lost her family to bloodshed.

Banksy’s new stencil will be projected onto the Eiffel Tower, Nelson’s Column, and other international landmarks tomorrow. The Independent also states that ‘on Thursday, 13 March, a ‘global recreation’ of the moving Banksy piece will also see red balloons released en masse around the world’.

‘On the 6 March 2011 in the Syrian town of Daraa, fifteen children were arrested and tortured for painting anti-authoritarian graffiti,” Banksy writes on his website. “The protests that followed their detention led to an outbreak of violence across the country that would see a domestic uprising transform into a civil war displacing 9.3 million people from their homes’.

His statement ends with #WithSyria, the hashtag that we will all be using to support Syria’s victims.

Via The Independent

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